Car rental security deposit

As you may have noticed, most car rental companies request – besides the actual rental fees – an additional deposit that vouches for unwanted happenings, caused by the driver. These would be: traffic tickets, damage or belated car return.

The amount of money requested can range according to car, duration of the rental and even driver’s age and experience. Generally you can expect paying between 200 and 700 euros.

Most car rental companies don’t accept cash for this kind of deposit, they usually block the sum on a line of credit extended by the renter. Companies prefer credit cards because they vouch for the rental solicitor. Rental cars being stolen and replaced parts is not an uncommon situation. If the car is returned in good conditions, stated by the contract, and there haven’t been issued any traffic tickets, then the blocked amount of money is made available again to the credit’s owner. This normally takes about 30 days.

Varying from one type of contract to another, this deposit may be held by the car rental company if the driver breaks any of the stated articles such as: racing, transporting illegal substances, cable towing or even selling, subletting or guaranteeing with the rental car.


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