What to do when your rental car breaks down?

First of all, in order to avoid this kind of unpleasant situations, you should be cautious beforehand. I am talking about the steps you are recommended to take so that you won’t be stuck with a more or less defective car that could hamper up to bringing your trip to an unexpected end.

Here are some tips to avoid that:

  • To begin with, choose a trustworthy rent a car company. Don’t head for the cheapest price of an obscure company or even worse don’t rent a car from people that you don’t know and can’t provide you with a contract with clearly stated clauses. Speaking of contracts, read it! You will want to know who is responsible for eventual damages how much he/she should pay, and various procedures.
  • Ask for the necessary papers that prove the fact that the car has passed all the periodic safety inspections at an authorized car service for that certain model. You should also request information about the insurances you’ll get for the total cost of the rental that could be either RCA (mandatory) or CASCO, or both.
  • Some companies provide you with technical assistance 24/7 so you would want to choose one of those. It truly is a relief to get the help you want when you want and especially from the same company that rented you the car from because it’s only natural that their assistance should be much more efficient and specialized than any other random car service.
  • The last but certainly not the least important aspect: choose a company that can replace a defective car without any additional charges. This is the simplest solution when confronted with technical difficulties.

These are just some things you should keep in mind before renting a car. Everybody knows that it is better to prevent than to mend. Still, if you find yourself in the unlucky situation of driving a faulty car – or more seriously – if you have an accident, the key is to get on the phone with the agency you rented from. Look for the contact data on the contract you received. The company’s employees should guide you out of trouble.

Just a little bit of wariness should keep you out of trouble!


About Expert Rent A Car

Cunoscator al domeniului inchirierilor de masini.
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