Airport transfer with AutoStil Rent a Car

In order to withstand the harsh conditions of an ever changing market, Romanian companies rethink their activity and develop new marketing strategies that are adapted to the economical realities. Be it adjusting the prices or more radical changes like introducing new products and services, Romanian entrepreneurs are making serious efforts so they can at least keep their market share if not conquering new segments. This is also the case of many car rental companies that have broadened their range of services hoping to meet as well as they can a growing number of customers interested in transportation.

AutoStil, an important car rental Romanian company working in Bucharest as well as in Sibiu, offers its clientele a series of advantages besides the specific rent a car services. They are meant to convince even the most demanding customers. Among facilities like on-line reservations, discounts for fidelity or long term rental, and other more or less eye-catching benefits, AutoStil provides now airport transfers.

Transfers from or to the airport are relatively new on the Romanian rent a car market. A modest amount of 30 euros can provide transportation for 5 persons and, in the case of a round-trip, a 10% discount will be applied to the total costs. The fee includes insurances, fuel, road tax, and VAT. A larger group can be accommodated in a 8+1 seat minivan. A minivan transfers costs about 40 euros.

Companies like the previously mentioned AutoStil Rent a Car head for the diversification of their services, one of the few guarantees for success in times of economic turbulence. Others would be a flawless communication with the customers, package deals and discounts, of course. A deep market knowledge and a continuous effort to know more and more completely clientele are a must for any company, obviously not just for car rental ones, and also at any time but especially now.


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