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If you’re in town for business or any other errand, why not have a day for discovering the capital of Romania, Bucharest? Don’t bother trying to decipher bus or subway maps – you wouldn’t even have the time for that if you wanted to see something else than moldy subway walls or jam-packed buses – just rent a car from the very beginning! The car rental people will supply you with all the information, assistance and maps needed for you to arrive at every destination of the itinerary. If you’re an experienced driver who doesn’t fluster when faced with a map, a veritable traveler, you’ll have no problem in finding your way through Bucharest. This city is not like its European counterparts, teeming with activity, and, keep in mind, most of the tourist attractions keep to the same area of the city. Just a little attention will take you to wherever you wanted.

Once the rent a car company representative has handed you the keys, the papers, and of course the car, which isn’t that light to per say be handed, you’re free to roam and to discover Bucharest. Here are our suggestions:

  1. Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum, 28-30 Kiseleff. It’s an open air museum that renders every region in Romanian by means of its specific architecture. In the summer it is a true pleasure to enter the yards and traditional abodes of Romanian peasants. The gardens are well kept, the alleys are large, and all in all it’s a wonderful place for a stroll. It’s also a great photo opportunity!
  2. The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, 3 Kiseleff. It hosts a number of interesting collections and exhibitions, and during the weekend you can buy traditional Romanian produce at a fair that is set right in the indoor court of the museum. There, on the side with the Ion Mihalache Boulevard, you’ll also find an eighteenth century wooden church. To put it simple, it is worth the trip.
  3. Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History, 1 Kiseleff. This might be the most popular museum in Bucharest right now and a true delight for children who will find the mammoth bones and the artificial cave absolutely fascinating. If you want to visit it during the weekends you should be ready to queue!
  4. If your skipping over the colloquially named Antipa, do proceed and head for Calea Victoriei, where the National Museum of Arts awaits. You can visit its two galleries, one concerning national art and the other European art. The institution functions in the former Royal Palace.
  5. The old city center. Here you can have lunch or dinner in one of the many joints. If you wanna want to stay on beaten tracks, go to Caru cu bere, a restaurant and beer place in an interesting neogothic building. Before or after your meal consider visiting Stavropoleos Church, erected in 1724, because it is truly unique.
  6. The House of People or the Palace of Parliament, 2-4 Izvor. In order to successfully bring to an end your trip through Bucharest, you must visit this colossal building. Remember to make reservations. Kids under the age of 7 and students don’t pay entrance tickets. You’ll surely be overwhelmed by the abundance of marble and upon realizing the amount of work invested in the construction you’ll suddenly feel tired and want to go to sleep after such a tremendous trip 🙂

These are our recommendations. It is a well known itinerary, quite common, but very relevant for those who have never visited Bucharest before and, more importantly, it is very, very car friendly, if I may say so! If you have no idea to which car rental company to go to, AutoStil Rent a Car Romania, 393 Calea Grivitei, is a very good option since the have a large car fleet for you to choose from, cars and services at reasonable prices, special offers and you can make reservations online.


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