Trustworthy Rent a Car Companies

You’ve probably more than once rummaged the Romanian internet in search of a professional and apparently trustworthy car rental company. We believe it’s pretty risky to be a first time renter off the internet without ever having contacted in real life a rent a car representative. This would be one of the reasons we created this blog so car rental “rookies” make use of it when looking to rent in Romania and especially in Bucharest.We recommend these people to found their choices on reviews and discussion boards posts, and not just go for the first sites that show up on a google search. Just like talking to friends and looking for advice when you’re uncertain about stuff so you should act when it comes to renting a car off the internet. Discussion boards provide us with valuable information that has been thoroughly selected by admins so it wouldn’t be in any way just undercover advertisement.

Another two very important aspects that you should mind are the design and the content of the website. It must cover these important issues for any rent a car client: fees according to time of rental,  terms and conditions, rent a car fleet and availabilities, information on security deposits and other taxes, contact info and ideally a help or FAQ section. It’s not even worth addressing those companies that don’t even state their prices and legal terms of the car rental.

Two noteworthy Romanian rent a car companies that we recommend are AutoGrand Rent a Car and AutoStil Rent a Car. AutoGrand offers rent a car services in Bucharest is known for its diverse fleet and great deals on cars. AutoStil provides car rental services in Bucharest as well as in Sibiu and is known for the importance that client support holds for them.

These being said, we only hope you get the best rent a car deals! 🙂


About Expert Rent A Car

Cunoscator al domeniului inchirierilor de masini.
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