If your car is in the shop, turn to rent a car

Even the best of us sometimes find themselves forced to abandon temporarily their beloved car in a repair shop. At least once in a while. Just a usual check up, maintenance, minor repairs, you can’t really avoid them! It would seem that once you and your car have parted the only options for you to get around are cabs (taxi) or dreaded public transportation. At least this would be the case if you weren’t the lucky owner of two cars or more…

Public transportation isn’t nice more often than not, this is a well-known fact. Lack of mobility, crowded spaces, and difficulty in carrying your stuff/groceries are the first reasons that come to my mind why one should avoid public transportation. On top of that, just think, for a person accustomed to driving a car, trying to make sense of a Bucharest bus map is absolute horror and you would lose precious time. We never have enough time, so why waste it?

A cab will take you relatively fast to anywhere you would like to go, if you’re lucky enough to find a professional driver, that is. If not you would probably have to endure annoying endless conversations, loud music, cigarette smoke, waiting on the phone forever, and let’s not forget about impressive ever-amounting sums of money. Relying on taxis isn’t that breezy. At all.

The solution for these irking issues comes from rent a car companies. Prices have dropped severely and with a ridiculously low budget you could rent a nice car that will help you run your daily business. Fuss free! And… If you thought that car rental companies have all their cars covered in stickers stating the name of their company, you shouldn’t worry! Nowadays, rentals cars are completely bare! Nobody could tell your car is a rental, if this should be your concern. πŸ™‚

There’s another advantage to car rental. You won’t have to worry about road tax or insurance policies, and all those really boring papers. The rent a car company will provide you with a fully equipped vehicle, ready to be driven safely and legally. Think twice before charging your bus pass, it’s not worth it!


About Expert Rent A Car

Cunoscator al domeniului inchirierilor de masini.
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