The best cars now to rent at jaw-dropping prices

This autumn you can rent the best cars for the lowest fees at Romanian car rental companies AutoGrand Rent a Car and AutoStil Rent a Car, both having their headquarters in Bucharest. AutoStil, based both in Bucharest and Sibiu, decided to change the fees and to downsize the amount of money designated as a security deposit in order to sustain the seasonal growth of car rental services request.

Along with this massive discount policy the AutoStil Rent a Car people advance three very attractive offers to their customers that were especially configured to attend three differnt types of need concerning transportation: Economy, Travel, and Family. But I’ve told you all about them in the last article. Today, we will show you three cars from a superior range of cars (that, by the way, have had the biggest discounts) that AutoStil has in store for us.

First of all, Skoda Octavia, a family car, can now be rented for only 33 euro/day and a 200 euro security deposit while a month ago it was 44 euro/day and 300 euro for the security deposit. The 10 euro difference is quite notable.

The second car you shouldn’t miss if thinking of renting is the spacious Opel Vectra. This elegant and comfortable car can be yours (for a limited period of time, of course) for 33 euro/day and 200 euro security deposit, just like the previously presented model. It’s not likely you’ll find a cheaper offer for this car at any rent a car company in Romania.

The last car that we recommend you for now is the BMW 320D. This car will surely bring you success on  almost every aspect of your day to day whereabouts. The price is also absolutely ridiculous, 54 euro/day and 300 for the security deposit. Needless to say, in august it cost a lot more.

Our advice to you is to take advantage of these fall offers because we assure you there have never been such low prices for rent a car services in Romania, Ever! And if you’re going to rent, go for the high class models, now, believe it or not, it’s more practical! 🙂


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Cunoscator al domeniului inchirierilor de masini.
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