Rent Renault Megane Estate

This elegant family car will surely accommodate comfortably all your dear ones on your next trip. Featuring enough room for luggage, Renault Megane Estate is a reliable, spacious, and more than capable to take you on your best trips ever. You can find it at various car rental companies in Romania amongst which AutoStil Rent a Car.

Keep in mind that AutoStil has made large discounts for all its car fleet models starting September. These are the actual fees:

period/days 1-3 4-7 8-15 16-30 security deposit
price/day 35€ 32€ 28€ 25€ 200€

In order for you to better understand just how much prices have dropped at AutoStil Rent a Car you should know that in august you would pay 36 euros/day for a more than 15 days car rental but now you would just pay 25. As for the security deposit it has as well been reduced to just 200 euros which is 100 euros less than before.

Let’s also check out some offers from other rent a car companies in Romania:

Active Rent a Car

period/days 1 2-7 8-14 15-21 >21 security deposit
price/day 45€ 43€ 41€ 39€ 37€ 400€

Primus Trans

period/days 1-3 4-7 8-15 >15 security deposit
price/day 57€ 41€ 38€ 35€ 300€


period/days 1-3 4-7 8-14 >15-21 +22
price/day 50€ 45€ 43€ 41€ 39€

The low prices at AutoStil Rent a Car really helped you make up you mind, am I right? The truth is these new fees make their offer absolutely irresistible. So don’t ponder that much, you shouldn’t when you could have such a great deal as with this Renault Megane Estate.

In addition, AutoStil Rent a Car has numerous other benefits like: full CASCO insurance, 24/7 assistance and reservations, free second driver, and many more…


About Expert Rent A Car

Cunoscator al domeniului inchirierilor de masini.
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