Booking a car: Car Rental Form

In order to rent a car you must do a few things. It’s not rocket science but the facts you are going to read you will ease the whole rent a car process the next time you go online looking for  car rental.

So, first is first, you must state your name and the car model you are interested in renting. Then, the date and place of delivery and return must be settled. In case you want to be picked up at an airport by the rent a car company agent you must provide them with the flight number and company.

Once these aspects are settled the pricing issue arises. A car rental cost comprises several taxes. First of all you will pay the actual rental cost calculated by hour. This comprises insurances, taxes, road tax, and VAT. Then you will be requested to pay a security deposit, a sum of money we have previously discussed in a previous article. The security deposit is fully returned to the customer if the car is returned in good conditions. The amount of money for the security deposit is blocked from a credit card and upon the car return it is released. You may also pay additional taxes for accessories such as GPS, child safety seat etc.
You should also know that the payment is made either cash or credit card at the NBR exchange rate, in that particular day. When you will receive the car, an inside/outside evaluation will be made with the rent a car agent in order to check the hand over state of the car. The vehicle will be delivered clean and with a full tank. This is also expected of the person who rents it according to the signed contract which is the last stept in the car rental process.
Don’t forget to have your ID and driver license. You may have to provide copies of them either in an e-mail or at the site of the hand over.


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