Rent a car in Romania, latest data

euromonitorThe very well-known website Euromonitor International updated within this month some data concerning car rental business segment in Romania. As a young market, the rental car market  in Romania is an interesting market for any economic study on the former Soviet bloc countries, countries  where certain services, including car rental services, were weakly represented or practically non-existent.

The well-know website doesn`t make public many results of this study because the complete studies are at disposal of rental car industry only for a fee. However reading between lines and  studying several specialty sites or blogs that address the questioned industry we find out that rental car services market in Romania is still growing.

Likewise, the Euromonitor`s specialists underlines the difficulties experienced by the field in economic downturn period, the cars or vans rental  is very much dependent in our country on foreign tourists.

The famous minibuses for hire, with or without driver, suffered most probably the most drastic drop in share rental  due to the fact that the majority of multinationals and Romanian small and medium companies  have reduced costs and among first of the lists of cuts were famous teambuilding.

Bucharest car rental experienced the smallest drop in this area, but there were several rent a car companies that didn’t make it on the market, didn’t found solutions and closed doors.

For those interested of more data concerning economic studies of this website there can be purchased on demand  depth studies in any field, likewise in rental car area, the studies being extremely professional and precise, allowing both a general vision of the competition as well as developing the long and middle term business plans.

Euromonitor international is a 40 years old company with branches in over 80 countries and it`s core business are the extremely elaborated market studies, offering to his clients unequalled details on economic areas of interest.


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