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statistici-rent-a-carOver 70% of the tourists who come annually to Bucharest come on business trips, the rest being part of the tourists themselves, pleasure trips, city break or just simply transiting the country`s capital.

Figures provided each year by the National Institute of Statistics,  should be an integral and highly important part in establishing corporate strategies of car rental companies in Bucharest.

Like I mentioned in a previous article, the car hire business growth was modest in 2013 but with hopes for 2014, although the Resort Ministry announced a significant increase in tourists in the year just past, if we look at the data provided by specialists we remark that in fact, car rental followed almost the same curve as tourism growth, an increase of one or maximum two percent.

That means not only the tourism influences this services area of Romanian economy but, especially, the fact that clients, almost exclusively of rent-a-car services are foreigners. The local clients are almost nonexistent, following closely the Romanians tendency to be owners and their rental adversity.  The only market niches still holding like a shadows of what they use to be are vans rental for team-buildings.

Another conclusion which probably reached strategies of car rental companies in Bucharest is the most important segment, the target segment, one that should be considered in all plans is the segment sales of foreign tourists coming into the country on business purposes.

This last segment is the most difficult to satisfy regarding the fact that most of the foreign businessmen know better the services quality from other countries and, of course, they also claim as their expertise demanding quality services at comparable prices!

We will also discuss on the future based on the National Statistics Institute`s data about politics and sales strategies of serious rental companies in Romania, about the time of stay, number of nights and nationalities of foreign tourists can influence decisively the turnover but for rental car companies customers that need to know how to choose between the many car rental offers, what to consider when renting a car and what to expect if not reading carefully a rental contract.


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