Car Hire in Romania in 2014

rent-a-car-2014Car rental services in Romania began to really take hold after 2004. Romanian prestigious car rental companies began or enhanced their activity between 2004 and 2008, until they too started to feel the effect of economic crisis.

In this six years, the car rental companies made special efforts to stay on an extremely difficult market, especially because the car rental area especially requires serious permanent investments, mostly done ​​by using credit lines.

With all the inherent problems caused by the recession, however, these companies, with competent and authoritative management succeeded even on a dramatic decline in demand for car rental and market pressure for cheaper and more generous  rental deals, managed to withstand and even hoped in 2014 to increase turnover.

These companies almost did the impossible, many of them with car rental offers in all major cities of the country , providing a national coverage. Most of them first offered car rental in Bucharest or Cluj and even Piatra Neamt. More than that, from 2004 untill today the cars fleet significantly increased  due to extremely diversified offers of car rental and we can say for all budgets.

Year by year, the Romanian car rental companies have added in their offers cars like: Nissan X-Trail Classic, Opel Insignia, Dacia Duster, Fiat Panda, Opel Zafira, Golf, Skoda Octavia Tour II,  Volkswagen Tiguan, and many other successful models. Generally, most of the car rental companies used as arguments in their decisions for special rental offers as and the ones regarding increasing the car fleet, surveys regarding the customers satisfaction meaning modern methods adopted and applied by the management of these companies.

All these make us think that our capitalist economy has real progress chances, especially in tourism services area when we will have the much desired roads.

This car rental sector, both with driver and without it, should be supported as much as other economical areas only by the fact that has a competitive management who managed to successfully handle the crisis as well as the foreign car rental companies competition.


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