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rent-a-car-2014If 2013 was not a very productive year either for automobile production or for car rentals, 2014 looks to be the first year in which economic analysts as well the companies, major players in the market expecting a long awaited revival.

The expected growth by the car manufacturing industry in sales are expected to be at least 5 percents while the car rental area expects even car rental increases of over 10%.  Most probably these expectations are a little overestimated although many economic indicators still seems to support.

Over 400 thousands auto units of Romanian cars production were sold in the year just past, the main “culprits” were two successful brands, Dacia and Ford, Ford B-Maxx, Dacia Sandero or Duster being the stars of the year just ended.

Of course the rental cars market will be influenced by these figures and not only in Romania. According to the official statistics, from 402 084 local cars, 363 778  went to export.

The main car rentals companies from Germany, France or Spain already are turning to cars produced in Romania. Romanian cars, confused recently by a well-known American publication with robustness Russian cars, seem to attract more attention of the entire world, their qualities in these recession times being extremely appreciated by the specialists.

The main qualities pursued by cars rental companies are reliability, price and maintenance. Looks like the Romanian cars or made in Romania fulfill all the requirements of the main rental cars companies, as well as their qualities satisfy the physical and juridical individuals that owns cars that besides exceptional reliability features noticed also low maintenance costs that can be calculated also in low fuel consumption.

We will see more and more in Europe Romanian cars that already are extremely appreciated by their owners, cars that impose respect both by the above mentioned and by modern and bold design, very pleasant. About a year ago a specialized magazine in Europe, extremely respectable publication, compares the Duster with a jeep that made history, that magazine named it the “Romanian Hummer”, and that after serious off-road tests.

Therefore we think that Romanian cars, cheaper, serious and honest, trustful cars, cars that some buy and others rent it cheap, will have a bigger and bigger success in a world tired of buying expensive only the image of a brand.


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