Atra Doftana Complex – architecture, nature, gourmet food

Atra Complex is a very special destination for a short trip or for a longer stay if you are visiting Romania.

Located in Prahova county, Valea Doftanei – Teşila village, at about 80km and 1h and 45 min. from Braşov, and 125km and 2 hours drive from Bucharest, Atra is offering accommodation, a gourmet restaurant, wellness services, outdoor recreation activities and, above all, a spectacular modern architecture posing in an incredible natural landscape, with a view to the Doftana River and the mountains around it, beautiful all year round, no matter the season.

The location is perfect to enjoy both the view of the nature’s beauty and the Atra architecture which was awarded two national prizes at architecture competitions in 2011 and 2012.

But getting to Atra is not that easy. Although in a short distance from Bucharest – 125km and 2 hours drive and even shorter from Braşov – 80 km, the access is difficult for a small class car with little horse power or even for a compact class car.

Atra is located in Fundătura Cerbului which is out of the main road which actually means that you would need to rent an off road type of car (if you don’t have your own already). The distance from the main road to the Complex is very short, but the road is not paved and it is one-car-at-a-time narrow, with poor visibility at the corners and with slopes and ramps.

You’ll definitely need a 4×4 SUV or at least a medium class 4×4, especially if you get to meet a different car coming from the opposite direction while the road is covered in mud. These few kilometers are definitely not for a city car. (On a second thought, you can always push a little.)

Rent a good car that could take you there, because it is worth every second spent on the site and on the road in the Doftana Valley, the view is unforgettable.


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