About this site

Lately, rent a car companies have sprouted all over Romania. The services they offer have become indispensable for some companies and very useful for any individual traveling in Romania. This is why we should make an effort and try to know more about rent a car services. There are a lot of things we should know before heading to any such company.

Urban cars, minivans, it’s impossible not to ever be in need to rent one, either we or our company. Some prefer renting to leasing while other can’t imagine themselves using public transportation when traveling to a foreign city. There are solutions for everyone that we will try to present throughout this blog.

People that have never rented a car might find it difficult to find a trustful company or get the most convenient price. This is not hard to understand since there are a lot companies and a lot of very attractive offers.

We have decided to publish various information about rent a car issues and we kindly invite you to comment either by mentioning your personal experiences or opinions. We will present you with news, valuable advice and we will compare different offers, hoping that when you choose to rent a car you will make the best choices.


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