Special offers and car rentals

The recession times that we live in are a good reason for companies to offer consumers discounts, package deals and special offers. This is the bright side of such a period, to be cynical. The abundance of offers tempts people that wish to spend little and enjoy benefits as big as they get. For the provident of us, people that have saved money and have financial stability, the recession is a good time for shopping sprees. Whether it’s houses or land, trips or fast moving consumer goods, they are teeming with special offers that we wouldn’t dared dreaming of before.

Car rental companies don’t ignore this reality. They have lowered prices and sprinkled their offer with additional free services, freebies and various discounts. The rule of quantity applies for car rentals as well. Rent longer, pay less. For longer periods of time, usually over 20 days, you can get about 50% off. For example, Dacia Logan and Chevrolet Spark can be rented for 17 and 14 euros for at least 22 days.

Other special offers and promotional services could be free delivery after working hours, car change if it breaks, unlimited driving, RCA and CASCO insurance (including coverage for theft), child safety seat, or even a professional driver’s services for a small charge. AutoStil Rent a Car Romania offers three kinds of special offers: for people that book online, for fidelity, and for long-term rentals. If you make reservations over the Internet at least 20 days before renting, you’ll receive a 9% discount. Customers that rent more than three cars for six months from AutoStil pay 11% less than the initial fee, and, if one rents for periods longer that 30 days, fees become negotiable.

Thanks to the numerous special offers car rental services have become accessible, even in times of economic depression, to the majority of Romanians that have average incomes. Smaller or larger businesses, tourists or business men, they can all find fees to suit their budgets. One just has to ask for information or surf car rental companies’ websites to find out what are the benefits that you could enjoy.


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