Rent a car as lifestyle

stil de viata rent a carRental cars activity in recent years has become somewhat well-defined activity in the former communist bloc, but not so developed as you might think.

Influence of developed Western countries on the economy of Eastern countries had a major impact also on consumer’s perception on lifestyle, the idea of ownership and the idea of ​​”business”.

In countries where democracy was restored in the 90 car rental business has been developed mainly to “pressure” of expatriates in Romania who needed small cars or minivans rental with or without drivers for temporary business activities such as teambuilding famous example.

If in the West to rent a car or a flat is part of everyday life, in Romania this habit is less present, although increasingly many who already see the practical part, the usefulness.
Romanians, as well and many of the former communist countries have, paradoxically, a sense of ownership exacerbated, in these countries there are statistically compared to other developed countries most owners of housing, lands and cars.

Development of car rental systems is part of a very important segment of the economy, although it not seems at first sight. This system allows a formidable boosting of business as well as personal development. Car rental allows easier relocation of business as well of workforce developing even horizontal industries such as in the case of car rental companies where car rental start to develop in parallel and detailing services or even auto repair service stations to meet their client`s needs.

Although still early, this kind of services increasingly gains more ground and the recession that seems to be coming somewhat to the final meant a touchstone for car rental services that where the first affected but have successfully passed this tough exam.

Increasing the services area, adapting the offer to market conditions, remaining companies on the market have a pretty solid future, their clients being already loyal and accustomed with it, rental becoming more of a lifestyle due especially to financial advantages offered by rental versus purchasing and maintaining a car.


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